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chips_sunglasses.jpg CHPs sunglasses
Made in China - look for the black weapon set and get the CHPs gun too, as well as a LOT of MEGO scale guns!
blackknife_t.jpg Black knife
Originally from the Action Jackson spy outfit - can be cast in other colors.
triopirateboots_t.jpg Trio of pirate boots
Brown, red, and yellow Andorian boots
knightsboots_t.jpg Two pairs of knight boots
Ivanhoe and Launcelot boots - made in China.
squireshoetrio_t.jpg Trio of knight shoes
Black Knight shoes in black, red, and green.
Star Trek light blue weapon set Star Trek weapon set
Includes phaser, communicator, and tricorder. Belt included.
tricorder_t.jpg Light blue tricorder
$5.00 $3.00 On Sale!
Made in China - outfit the whole crew!
red_trek_set Red weapon set
$10.00 $5.00 On Sale!
Made in China and includes the red tricorder. Belt is NOT included. I am out of them.
labbackground_t.jpg Laboratory background
Custom made background in a very Kirby style.
office_t.jpg Office Scene
Custom made background of a newspaper office.
drzaiusboots_t.jpg Zaius boots
"Heiroglyph" boots - hand cast not made in China! Can be cast in any color.
gold_helmet.jpg Gold helmet
Made in China in metallic gold just like the original.
shortpiratebootpair_t.jpg 2 pair short pirate boots
One brown, one yellow - for 8 inch megos, but will also fit on 7 inch bodies.
blackfemfootwear_t.jpg Black female shoes/short boots
Set of black shoes and short black female boots.
star_trek_body.jpg Star Trek body
Caucasian body with black boot legs - made in China - perfect for Star Trek or Zorro.
brownromboots_t.jpg Romulan boots
$5.00 $3.00 On Sale!
From EMCE Toys Romulan figure - made in China
black_wide_brim_hat.jpg Wide brim black hat
Made in China in black only.
dressshoestwo_t.jpg Set of two dress shoes
One pair of brown and one pair of black dress shoes. Made in China.
blackfemboots_t.jpg Black female hero boots
Also known as Uhura boots - or cut them flat for the Invisible Girl. Good old MEGO! Never make a new boot when an old one can be altered.
wwboot_t.jpg Female red boots
Standard red female boots
blackweaponset.jpg Black weapon set
$8.00 $8.00 On Sale!
A packet of black guns and a knife. The Action Jackson knife and .45 automatic, the 9mm glock, .44 magnum, the CHPs .38 gun and sunglasses, and more!
halloween_masks_t.jpg Set of 4 halloween masks
Set of 4 DC Superheroes halloween masks from the early 90s.
joker_jacket.jpg 14 inch Joker jacket
Made for the new 14 inch Joker by Marty Abrams' presents Mego - there are VERY few of these jackets available. Future versions of the Joker will have this jacket. No color changes are available.
galahadboots_t.jpg Galahad knight boots
Made in China - also used for Ivanhoe.
lanceboots_t.jpg Lancelot knight boots
$3.00 $2.00 On Sale!
Made in China - pointed toe.
chipsboots_t.jpg CHPs boots
Blackbeard/Klingon boots cut flat! Now hand cast so they can be made in any color.
labcoat_t.jpg White Labcoat
$5.00 $4.00 On Sale!
Made in China - now back in stock - at a lower price!
blueeyedhead_t.jpg Blue-eyed man
Finally back in stock! As seen frequently on Robot Chicken! He works for a variety of custom figures.
cardedkhan_t.jpg Khan
Exclusive Hastings and Planet X EMCE Toys Khan. In stock now - get one now before they are sold out.
Female brown body
$7.00 $4.00 On Sale!
JUST ARRIVED from China and priced to move! Perfect for that Cleopatra Jones custom!
white_muscle_body.jpg Large white muscle body
New from China and better than the original muscle body. The hands and feet are jointed just like the standard 8 inch body so you can get boots or gloves on. They arrived just before Mego Meet 2011, so I could not bring them with me. Because of this, I am offering the Meet price of $5.00 for a limited time.
child_body.jpg Child body
$7.00 $5.00 On Sale!
This is the Little Rascals body in a lighter flesh color than my usual tan tone. Offered for a limited time at Mego Meet price.
black_pirate_outfit.jpg Black pirate outfit
Black shirt with a flared out collar and pants that only come down to the calf. Perfect for a pirate or other swashbuckler. Use chips boots or a Star Trek body. It reminds me of someone....
dg_ae_outfit.jpg DG_AE outfit
$15.00 $7.99 On Sale!
Perfect for the young ward or college student.
white_shirt.jpg White dress shirt
I have a few left over from another project and when they are gone, that's it. Comes with the tie.
black_pirate_set.jpg Black pirate costume set
Black pirate shirt and pants - made in China - with a hand made black cape with tie strings and a rapier sword included.
western_bodysuit.jpg Western style sleeveless bodysuit
For a custom gunfighter, sheriff, or any clown in a western town.
yellow_fem_pirate_boots.jpg Female yellow pirate boots
Female pirate boots cast in yellow - can be cast in any color.
brown_black_leather_costume.jpg Soldier brown/black leather costume
Brown tights, black leather tunic with brown sleeves, and gloves to match - THAT'S RIGHT - GLOVES!!!
purple_black_leather_costume.jpg Purple & black leather costume
Purple sleeves, leggings, and glove tips give this outfit a command presence. Build your army with plenty of high command. Made in China.
green_proper_bodysuit.jpg Proper green bodysuit
Kelly green bodysuit - a proper Irish green.
hooded_man_head.jpg Hooded man head
Man with a hood - can be cast in any color - can be used for many custom figures. Hood is not removable. The default color is white.
bearded_adventurer.jpg Bearded adventurer head
He looks like many '60s and '70s men of action like Dr. West. It can be cast in any color - the default is caucasian flesh.
bearded_wildman_head.jpg Bearded wildman head
Bearded man who looks a little wild. Good for cavemen, prophets, or adventurers. Use your imagination - it don't cost nothing! The default color is caucasian flesh.
astronaut_head.jpg Astronaut AC head
This head reminds me of the Apollo astronauts of the 1960s - square jawed, steely eyed. The face has so much character that he could any number of people. The default color is caucasian flesh - but it can be cast in any color.
big_jim_gun.jpg Big Jim gun
The gun from the Wildpack Big Jim figure. Can be cast in any color. The default is gray.
tomland_cyclops.jpg Tomland Cyclops head
From the Tomland monsters - can be cast in any color - the default color is green.
nasty_old_man_head.jpg Nasty old man head
Old man with big ears sticking out - can be cast in any color - the default is caucasian flesh.
magical_elf_head.jpg Magical elf head
Can be cast in any color.
large_mace.jpg Large mace
Big mace head on the hammer stem - fits well in 8 inch mego hands. Can be cast in any color.
redpanthermask.jpg Red Panther mask
From Nemo's Red Panther character, this is a replacement mask. Can be cast in other colors.
silver_buckle_belt.jpg Brown belt with silver metal buckle
Tried of plastic belts? Now your figure can look cooler with a real fake leather belt and a real fake silver buckle! How's that for classy?
katanna_sword_curved.jpg Curved Katana sword
Authentic Japanese samurai style sword in mego scale. Hand made. Can be cast in any color. Default is grayish silver.
badly_painted_head.jpg Badly painted head
This is Galahad's head with black hair, black mustache, and a poorly painted mask. Made in China in solid PVC. You can remove the mask with Acetone and paint something better.
black_pirate_set.jpg Black Pirate Set
New body with black legs, black shirt and pants, sword and hat for your dread pirate.
TG_6inch_set.jpg TG 6 inch male/female set of 2
6 inch fully poseable white action figures made without rubber bands with removeable capes and extra hands. Can be painted with any paint or markers. The heads can be easily popped off for customizing. Great for kids.
tg_female_6inch.jpg TG 6 inch female action figure
6 inch female white action figure made without rubber bands. Great for kids. Can be painted with any paint or markers. Removeable cape and replacement hands.
action_cat_plush2.jpg Action Cat plush
Art Baltazar's original creation Action Cat now made into a soft plush for all ages by EMCE Toys.
4inch_zombie_a.jpg 4 inch CYO Zombie A
Paintable fully articulated 4 inch zombie in the first stage with business suit and two heads. Collect all 3 styles.
4inch_zombie_b.jpg 4 inch CYO Zombie B
Paintable fully articulated more distressed zombie ready for customizing. Collect all 3 styles.
4inch_zombie_a.jpg 4 inch CYO Zombie C
Paintable fully articulated 4 inch zombie in the final stage of dissolution and two heads. Collect all 3 styles.
zombie_3_set.jpg Set of 3 CYO Zombies 4 inch
Set of 3 Create Your Own 4 inch zombies ready for painting. Create your own zombie army to battle your 3 3/4 inch heroes. Fully poseable.
peace_belt.jpg Yellow peace belt
Female belt with a peace symbol on front. Can be cast in any color.
greenhands.jpg Green hands
China made green hands - without the stems - as shown here.
bluegloves_t.jpg Blue vinyl gloves
$5.00 $3.00 On Sale!
Made in China - with the fin on the side.
glowspellhands.jpg Glow in the dark spell hands
The glow is inside the plastic so it will never wear off.
notld_series_2.jpg NOTLD Series 2 set
In stock now and ready to ship!! Barbra and Karen are the second set of Night of the Living Dead megos made by EMCE Toys. VERY LIMITED QUANTITY!!!
doctor_uniform.jpg Doctor uniform
Classic doctor uniform, also works for dentists, barbers, and make-up artists. White shirt and pants with a velcro close in front. Used for the Bif Bang Pow Twilight Zone "pig" doctor and the custom Jack Pierce mego made for Monsterpalooza. Accepts Ritt fabric dye well for more color options.
alterego_hat.jpg Black alter-ego hat
This is a repro of the actual alter-ego CK hat, it is different from the Wild Bill Hickock hat.
smooth_front_ape_boots.jpg Motorcycle boots
These are casts of the general ape boots with the front smoothed out to look more like regular boots. Can be cast in any color
who_robot_shoulder_guards.jpg Giant Robot shoulder guards
The giant robot from the Dr. Who Palitoy line - these are his shoulder guards. Can be cast in any color. Sold as a set.
bquiver_t.jpg Brown quiver
Robin Hood quiver also used for Speedy - made in China
yellowcbelt_t.jpg Yellow cloth belt
Finally back in stock! Metal buckle - elastic yellow belt
greengloves_t.jpg Green gloves
$5.00 $3.00 On Sale!
Vinyl gloves - we call them oven-mitts. Back in stock at a lower price!
clamshell_t.jpg Resealable clamshell
Now back in stock and ready for immediate shipping. Used for EMCE Toys action figures. Does not fit vintage carded megos.
purple_pants.jpg Purple pants
$4.00 $2.00 On Sale!
I wanted these in light blue but the factory sent them in purple - it's not worth sending them back - so I am dropping the price to move them. Maybe your general ape or lizard needs new pants?