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astronautbelt_t.jpg Astronaut white belt
POTA astronaut belt
bkbelt_t.jpg Black Knight belt
Black Knight and Will Scarlett belt
diamondbelt_t.jpg Andorian belt
Andorian belt
sbandolier_t.jpg Soldier Ape bandolier
Soldier Ape bandolier - no slot for the knife
gbandolier_t.jpg General Ape bandolier
General Ape bandolier - with slot for knife
yellowbelt_t.jpg Yellow male belt
Yellow male belt
blackbelt_t.jpg Black male belt
Black male belt
robinhoodbelt_t.jpg Robin Hood belt
Green Robin Hood belt
barbarianbelt_t.jpg Barbarian belt
Conan belt
purplebelt.jpg Purple belt
Can be cast in any color - choose the color you want in the text box
toolbelt_t.jpg Firefighter toolbelt
Action Jackson firefighter toolbelt. Cast in black to show detailing - can be cast in any color.
peace_belt.jpg Yellow peace belt
Female belt with a peace symbol on front. Can be cast in any color.
battle_japan_belt.jpg Battle Japan belt
Belt for Battle Japan, Battle Russia, Battle etc. etc.
black_cloth_belt.jpg Black cloth belt
Yellow cloth belt dyed black.
littlejohnbelt_t.jpg Little John belt
The same belt used for Robin Hood but in brown.
blackteenbelt_t.jpg Black teen belt
Sized smaller for the female and 6 inch bodies. Made in China.
space1999_t.jpg Space:1999 belt
Hand cast - can be made in any color. The Black Knight belt without the sword slot and in yellow.
kabelt_t.jpg King Arthur belt
Hand made - can be cast in other colors.
toolbelt_t.jpg Red tool belt
Two round disc for storing tools. Can be cast in any color.
conanwrist.jpg Barbarian wristbands
Yellow wristbands for the barbarian - can be cast in any color.
bquiver_t.jpg Brown quiver
Robin Hood quiver also used for Speedy - made in China
yellowcbelt_t.jpg Yellow cloth belt
Finally back in stock! Metal buckle - elastic yellow belt
brownhandbag_t.jpg Brown satchel
Made in China
magbelt_t.jpg 12 inch magnetic bat belt
For the magnetic 12 inch figures. Can be cast in any color.
bkshoulderguards_t.jpg Black Knight shoulder guards
Black Knight shoulder guards - can be cast in any color.