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Makers of new megos!
emceandorian_t.jpg Andorian
The very rare mego Star Trek Andorian reproduced by EMCE Toys to be almost identical to the original. Get yours before they are all sold out!
emcekeeper_t.jpg Keeper
The most bug-eyed alien of the Star Trek line. Reproduced exactly like the mego classic - but his outfit is bright white and brand new. Comes sealed in clamshell.
cardedkhan_t.jpg Khan
Exclusive Hastings and Planet X EMCE Toys Khan. In stock now - get one now before they are sold out.
emcemugato_t.jpg Mugato
In stock and ready to ship in factory sealed clamshell.
Female brown body
$7.00 $4.00 On Sale!
JUST ARRIVED from China and priced to move! Perfect for that Cleopatra Jones custom!
greenarrowcarded.jpg Retro Action Green Arrow
New Mattel Retro Action Green Arrow unopened on the "weathered" blister card. Outside the U.S. shipping will be $15.00 USD so please email me at to cover the extra shipping charge.
hal_gl.jpg Green Lantern
Green Lantern from Wave 1 of the Retro Action DC Superheroes by Mattel and EMCE Toys.
batman_2face_set.jpg Batman-Two Face set
Batman and Two-Face from wave 2 of the Retro Action DC Superheroes from Mattel and EMCE Toys.
aquaman_manta_set.jpg Aquaman-Black Manta
Aquaman vs. Black Manta from wave 2 of the Retro Action DC Superheroes by Mattel and EMCE Toys.
flash_captcold_set.jpg Flash and Capt. Cold set
$79.99 $69.99 On Sale!
Mattel Retro Action wave 3 Flash and Capt.Cold - sold only as a set.
rash_shazam.jpg Retro Action Shazam
Made by Mattel - designed by Dr.Mego - 8 inch sealed on card figure from wave 4.
rash_black_adam.jpg Retro Action Black Adam
Made by Mattel - designed by Dr.Mego - 8 inch figure sealed on card.
rash_martian_manhunter.jpg Retro Action Martian Manhunter
Made by Mattel - sealed on card.
rash_darkseid.jpg Retro Action Darkseid
Made by Mattel - comes sealed on card.
mego_superhero_kit.jpg Create Your Own Superhero Kit
$49.99 $44.99 On Sale!
Comes with everything you see here - hundreds sold on Perfect for the novice customizer or creative kid.
comic_book_hero_kit2.jpg Make Your Own Comic Book Hero kit
$29.99 $24.99 On Sale!
EMCE Toys' own 4 inch action figure with all the posability of a larger figure but completely blank so you can add all the details yourself. Comes with 3 bobies, five heads, two sets of hands, and two capes all in white. If you use the paints enclosed, you can always swipe it clean and start over. If you use enamel or oil-based paints - they are permanent.
black_pirate_set.jpg Black Pirate Set
New body with black legs, black shirt and pants, sword and hat for your dread pirate.
TG_6inch_set.jpg TG 6 inch male/female set of 2
6 inch fully poseable white action figures made without rubber bands with removeable capes and extra hands. Can be painted with any paint or markers. The heads can be easily popped off for customizing. Great for kids.
tg_female_6inch.jpg TG 6 inch female action figure
6 inch female white action figure made without rubber bands. Great for kids. Can be painted with any paint or markers. Removeable cape and replacement hands.
action_cat_plush2.jpg Action Cat plush
Art Baltazar's original creation Action Cat now made into a soft plush for all ages by EMCE Toys.
4inch_zombie_a.jpg 4 inch CYO Zombie A
Paintable fully articulated 4 inch zombie in the first stage with business suit and two heads. Collect all 3 styles.
4inch_zombie_b.jpg 4 inch CYO Zombie B
Paintable fully articulated more distressed zombie ready for customizing. Collect all 3 styles.
4inch_zombie_a.jpg 4 inch CYO Zombie C
Paintable fully articulated 4 inch zombie in the final stage of dissolution and two heads. Collect all 3 styles.
zombie_3_set.jpg Set of 3 CYO Zombies 4 inch
Set of 3 Create Your Own 4 inch zombies ready for painting. Create your own zombie army to battle your 3 3/4 inch heroes. Fully poseable.
clamshell_t.jpg Resealable clamshell
Now back in stock and ready for immediate shipping. Used for EMCE Toys action figures. Does not fit vintage carded megos.
ww_cheetah_set.jpg Wonder Woman and Cheetah set
Mattel Retro Action Wonder Woman and Cheetah - sold as a set.
notld_series_2.jpg NOTLD Series 2 set
$39.99 $35.99 On Sale!
In stock now and ready to ship!! Barbra and Karen are the second set of Night of the Living Dead megos made by EMCE Toys. VERY LIMITED QUANTITY!!!