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12 inch Accessories
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yellowspellhands_t.jpg Spell hands
Great for casting a spell, shooting a webline, or doing kung-fu. Can be cast in any color.
orings_t.jpg Replacement bands for type 2 bodies
Set of 2 "O" rings to replace original 8 inch mego rubber bands.
star_trek_body.jpg Body with black legs
Caucasian body with black boot legs - made in China - perfect for Star Trek or Zorro.
Purple hands
Caucasian hands dyed purple
whitehands_t.jpg White hands
Pulled from the paper white body - can be dyed using Ritt fabric dye and boiling water - enter a different color if desired.
Knee joint 8 inch
5 pins and 5 sockets - made in China.
Large body lower legs
Can be cast in any color.
Large forearm and fists
Can be cast in any color
hands_8.jpg Replacement hands
Comes as shown - can be dyed other colors using Ritt fabric dye and boiling water.
feet_t.jpg Replacement feet
Made in China with PVC so they will never crack.
12pins_t.jpg 12 inch knee joints
Made in China - caucasian color only.
pins._t.jpg Choose color:8 inch knee joints
Enter color choice in the text box in the shopping cart.
Choose color:12 inch knee joints
Enter color choice in the text box in the shopping cart.
Choose color: large 8 inch knee joints
Can be cast in any color - write in color choice in text box.
Female brown body
$7.00 $4.00 On Sale!
JUST ARRIVED from China and priced to move! Perfect for that Cleopatra Jones custom!
white_muscle_body.jpg Large white muscle body
New from China and better than the original muscle body. The hands and feet are jointed just like the standard 8 inch body so you can get boots or gloves on. They arrived just before Mego Meet 2011, so I could not bring them with me. Because of this, I am offering the Meet price of $5.00 for a limited time.
swivel_arm_body2.jpg Swivel arm buff body
This is the same body developed for Bif Bang Pow's Flash Gordon figure. These have screws in the back and pelvis to keep the chest from splitting.
child_body.jpg Child body
$7.00 $5.00 On Sale!
This is the Little Rascals body in a lighter flesh color than my usual tan tone. Offered for a limited time at Mego Meet price.
2017_reg_body 5 regular caucasian type 2 bodies
$30.00 $19.99 On Sale!
Newly arrived regular 8 inch caucasian flesh type 2 bodies sold in a set of 5 - no substitutions.
body_t.jpg Male caucasian mego-style body
Naked and headless male caucasian body - now new inventory in from China.
brownbody_t.jpg Brown male body
Mego style type 2 body in brown
whitebody_t.jpg White male body
Mego-style type 2 body in white.
colorbody_t.jpg Choose color:red body
Pick a color - I dye the bodies using Ritt fabric dye. The torso is made from a different type of plastic so it does not take the dye as easily.
greenhands.jpg Green hands
China made green hands - without the stems - as shown here.
fisthands_t.jpg Fist hands
Your mego can now punch the bad guy, not just slap him. Can be made in any color.
glowspellhands.jpg Glow in the dark spell hands
The glow is inside the plastic so it will never wear off.